TYREDOG TRUCK TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)-Powerful tool for maximizing uptime and improving safety.

       The New WTPMS Standard-TYREDOG Tire Pressure /Temperature Monitoring Solutions.

       TYREDOG is a leading WTPMS solution for from the light to heavy-duty trucking industry.

       By continuing to develop new and better TPMS designs and manufacturing technologies, TYREDOG has helped the trucking industry improve safety issues and reduce operational costs. The major milestone of TYREDOG truck WTPMS is the introduction of lightweight valve stem cap sensor design.

       The extremely lightweight, compact sensor has been specifically designed to simplify and reduce the installation time. Now there is no need to sacrifice tire maintenance efforts to gain safety. Through wireless technology, tire pressure and temperature information is displayed on the friendly Graphic User Interface(LCD monitor).

       TYREDOG WTPMS series is available in configuration to fit all types of trucks-including light truck, bus, agriculture ,ambulance , trailer, etc.

            LCD monitor

The LCD monitor displays the tyre's pressures and temperature.This monitor can be mounted inside the vehicle by using either the suction cup mount or alternatively the self adhesive plate. This monitor can also be powered from the vehicle cigar lighter socket by using the power adapter supplied.

 Light and compact

Extremely lightweight and compact with specially designed electronic sensors.

 Battery power status display

The LCD monitor will display a low battery warming when either the monitor unit or any of the tyre sensors has low battery power.

 Abnormal pressure warming

The LCD monitor will send an immediate warning if any tyre is monitored and exceeds the pressure parameters that you chose to set.

 Transmission status display

The sensors will automatically transmit pressure/temperature date to the LCD monitor when it is turned on.

 Accurate tyre pressure sensors

Electronic tyre pressure sensors are accurate to +/- 3 PSI.

 DIY installation 

Simply screw the sensors onto the valve stems in the place of valve stem caps.

 Anti theft sensor mounting design

Each of the tyre pressure sensors is provided with a specially designed locknut. This secures it tightly onto the valve stem and prevents easy removal.

 RoHS compliance

All components are complied with environmental protection requirements.

 Biggest capacity to support

Support up to 22 wheels in the 1 st version;36 wheels support is coming in the next version.

 180 P.S.I

Truck sensor can support monitoring tyre preddure to 180 P.S.I .

 Auto switching process

Switching trailers without manual setting.

Multinational patents

This product has been patented in the US,EU ,Taiwan, China etc.The patents cover PC board circuit and mechanical design. It is illegal to copy this product in any without authorization.

  • TD2200A-X  LCD monitor×1
  • TD2200A-X  tyre pressure sensor×4
  • CR 1632 lithium battery×4
  • User’s guide×1
  • AA 1.5V battery×2
  • Ant-theft lock tool×4
  • Monitor Bracket×1
  • Vehicle external power cable×1

Monitor Specification



Operating voltage 3V DC

Operating temperature



Length 102mm × width 72mm × height 29mm



Battery life

1 year(depends on working hours per day)

Sensor Specification



Pressure range

0 ~ 180PSI.


Tire pressure ±3 PSI / temperature ±2 ℃

Operating voltage


Operating temperature



Diameter 20.5mm × height 20mm



Battery life

1~2 years(depends on working hours per day)